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Good Beer Bad Beer: The Art of Describing Flavors

Vinous, isovaleric, tarry, geraniol, and mercaptan are just some of the flavors of beer that can either make or break… Continue reading »

[Day 22] Trip3l – 512 Brewing Company

You gotta love a movie theater that has a selection of beverages like this.   So, I’m set to watch “Campaign” at… Continue reading »

[Day 23] Lucky Ol Sun – Ranger Creek

This is the first morning that I felt very fresh!  Partly, because the evening before is the first time in… Continue reading »

[Day 24] Vanilla Porter Ale – Breckenridge Brewery

It’s 10am and I dropped off Molly at Groomingdales, which I highly recommend if your pets need some love here… Continue reading »

[Day 25] Shiner Black Lager – Spoetzl Brewery

A bohemian or Schwarzbier lager that is very rich and tasty.  This is leftover from my daughters 3rd birthday party.  I’ll… Continue reading »

[Day 26] – Shiner Kosmos – Spoetzl Brewery

Boy am I behind in my updating my beer log.  I should be on Day 23, but I’m playing catch-up… Continue reading »

[Day 27] St. Bernardus Abt 12

The countdown starts.  27 days till lift off to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival.  I figured that a… Continue reading »