Monthly Archives: August 2011

Hilo Coffee Mill and a visit to the Seaside Restaurant

After our crazy morning with Isabel falling we still managed to have some fun.  This goes to show how beautiful… Continue reading »

Rough day, but we made the best of it.

We got up early this morning, with the usual routine except we headed to the ocean this morning right outside… Continue reading »

What’s for dinner tonight in Hilo? Chops, Tomatoes, and Taro!

I’ve been day dreaming the moment of having my first home cooked meal in Hilo ever since Tammy and I… Continue reading »

First Dish – Taro Mash… Yum!

Tammy and I ate some taro mash as a bedding to our tenderloin that was served at the Aha ‘Aina, A… Continue reading »

Da Salty Lady’s Hawaiian Pork Chops

I couldn’t resist… I was originally going to do panko crusted pork chops with taro mash and a tomato cumcumber… Continue reading »

Simple Tomato and Cucumber Salad

We got these Japanese cucumbers from the Hilo Farmers Market today.  They are about a 12-14 inches long and kind of have a… Continue reading »

Hilo Market – Produce Paradise.

Today was our first trip down to the Hilo Market.  I have to say, this market blows away anything I’ve… Continue reading »

Got those phantom Windows Phone update blues?

Nothing can be more exciting than seeing that message pop-up on your HTC HD7 phone saying you have an update… Continue reading »

Poolside, what would life be as a pool attendant.

Waking up this morning was a challenge. I was hearing the waves crash and it just made me want to… Continue reading »

Rest time…

What a long day. Up at 6am. Off the plane in Hawaii at 9pm CDT. 9 hours of flying and… Continue reading »