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Fiber – Where It’s At In Austin

On a most recent hunt for connectivity options in our Gravitant Office, I have amassed a list of telco providers… Continue reading »

Can you tell what type of SQL DB this .sql file is for?

Can you tell what sql database this sql snippet is for? CREATE TABLE attachment ( type text, id text, filename text,… Continue reading »

Secret Sauce For Minimizing Resources Without Sacrificing Performance For VMs

Once again, I felt like a chemist or a cook in the kitchen when reading the publication “Algorithm Design for… Continue reading »

Windows 8 – Redux

The story goes something like this…  Back in March of 2012 I decided to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on… Continue reading »

MariaDB, XtraDB, and Galera

Sometimes when you are busy trying to keep things glued together, one might loose sight of what technologies could make… Continue reading »

Lync update on my Windows Phone

Just keeping tabs on what my firmware versions are for various bits on my windows phone: Before After OS Version… Continue reading »