[Day 23] Lucky Ol Sun – Ranger Creek

This is the first morning that I felt very fresh!  Partly, because the evening before is the first time in a while that I didn’t feel exhausted.  Now that Tammy has graduated from AOMA, we have our weeks free when Isabel is dropped off.  This afternoon, I decided to go to Opal Divines for lunch with Tammy.  I had the Lucky Ol’ Sun from Ranger Creek brewery in San Antonio, TX.  It’s described as a golden ale with pilsner malt, candy sugar and Texas honey.  How could I resist.

Beer Advocate has it categorized as a Belgian Strong Ale, but I disagree.  This is a rather light beer in taste.  If I breathed in the bursty carbonation before my sit I got a tasty feel for cotton candy vapors.  The honey came through, but in a sweet mature way.  I could really sense the rock candy swirl that was playing like a washing machine in my mouth.

This complimented my chicken finger lunch extremely well.  An excellent summer companion.

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