Windows 8 – Redux

The story goes something like this…  Back in March of 2012 I decided to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my Lenovo X220 tablet. I was mortified at what was on my computer.  The interface was buggy and I was lost at how to navigate smoothly. I quickly removed it by reinstalling windows 7.

Today I decided to make use of my MSDN subscription and downloaded Windows 8 Enterprise…

What a surprise! I have to say the improvements are tremendous.  Adding Google calendars was a breeze, but you have to do they usual Google sync trickery to add multiple calendars. Getting email hooked up and experiencing the seamless integration makes me think twice about installing Thunderbird. Best of all is when I installed the XBOX companion app, essentially allowing me to control my XBOX console from my laptop.  Want to start that movie on Amazon Instant Video on my XBOX? No more trying to find the remote!

Finally, I feel like I can use my tablets touchscreen without issue.  Super responsive and the gestures follow the natural intuitive behavior for dashing through menus and open apps. My next task is to install visual studio 2012 and see how easy it is to program with a tablet… kidding.

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