[Day 24] Vanilla Porter Ale – Breckenridge Brewery

It’s 10am and I dropped off Molly at Groomingdales, which I highly recommend if your pets need some love here in Austin.  On my way back home I decided to do a pit stop at Thunderbird Coffee.  But I didn’t come here to drink a cup of joe, but rather to drink a Vanilla Porter Ale from Breckenridge Brewery in CO.

At first the pour into the chilled pint glass didn’t seem to surprise me. (more…)

[Day 25] Shiner Black Lager – Spoetzl Brewery

A bohemian or Schwarzbier lager that is very rich and tasty.  This is leftover from my daughters 3rd birthday party.  I’ll admit, I’ve had this beer before and really looked forward to trying it again.  I drank it straight out of the bottle and not into  a pint glass, so no comments on the color and head of this malty, chocolaty, and roasted beer.  It reminds me of drinking a nicely chilled coffee toddy.  It will suit you well if you drank this on a hot summer day, and being in Texas, that is usually 9 months out of the year.

[Day 26] – Shiner Kosmos – Spoetzl Brewery

Boy am I behind in my updating my beer log.  I should be on Day 23, but I’m playing catch-up in logging my findings.  Sunday, I’m getting ready for my daughters 3rd birthday party and  I bought the Costco Shiner melody of beers.  In it was their Shiner Kosmos, an American Pale Lager.


Unable to read repository at… for Eclipse. Simple fix perhaps?

Trying to install Pydev for Eclipse somehow got me into a funky state with some corrupt jar files and I kept receiving the error below:

Tue Sep 18 19:27:38 CDT 2012
Unable to read repository at file:/C:/Users/Mark/dev/eclipse/p2/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.repository/cache/content564205554.jar.

I simply went into the “Available Software Sites” preference, highlighted Pydev and Pydev Extensions, then I selected Reload and voilà.  The problem went away.  I guess using somehow the proxy on my internet sharing phone went gefunkt.


[Day 27] St. Bernardus Abt 12

The countdown starts.  27 days till lift off to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival.  I figured that a worthy goal is to try a beer that I have never had before each day for the next 27 days.  So hear it goes, day 27, I’m enjoying a St. Bernardus Abt 12. (more…)

Windows 8 – Redux

The story goes something like this…  Back in March of 2012 I decided to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my Lenovo X220 tablet. I was mortified at what was on my computer.  The interface was buggy and I was lost at how to navigate smoothly. I quickly removed it by reinstalling windows 7.

Today I decided to make use of my MSDN subscription and downloaded Windows 8 Enterprise…


MariaDB, XtraDB, and Galera

Sometimes when you are busy trying to keep things glued together, one might loose sight of what technologies could make your situation better.  We often hear of great things, but shy away from having to learn a new system or piece of software since there is already enough in front of you to get a grip with.

So with all this free time, it is no surprise to me that my jaw dropped as I went through some of my bookmarks highlighting MariaDB, XtraDB and Galera.  For those that are not familiar with MariaDB I’ll sum it up with this:

MariaDB is a binary drop in replacement of the same MySQL version

But there is more… (more…)

Lync update on my Windows Phone

Just keeping tabs on what my firmware versions are for various bits on my windows phone:

Before After
OS Version 7.10.7720.68 SAME
Firmware revision number 2250.21.51003.531 SAME
Hardware revision number 0002 SAME
Radio software version
Radio hardware version A.12.0.D4 SAME
Bootloader version 5.10.2250.0(132968) 3.1.2250.0(119314)
Chip SOC version SAME

The Best Dang Brown Rice!

Taking care of a 2 year old and feeding my wife has got me back in the groove for cooking up a storm.  Today, while I cooked ruby trout (which Isabel loved)

I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone: I cooked some tasty brown rice to use as a side dish for the rest of the week.

Hawaii is swimming with swordfish.

Every where you look, swordfish here in Hawaii is like the salmon of the Northwest, but better. It’s quite inexpensive and abundant. Back home in Austin, I couldn’t resist and make a dish. (more…)