Rough day, but we made the best of it.

We got up early this morning, with the usual routine except we headed to the ocean this morning right outside our house.  Went for a warm morning dip.  I did some snorkeling and Tammy chatted with a fellow Mom wading in the water.

Afterwards, we went back to our condo and I wanted to take a shower.  Isabel needed a wash too so I grabbed her into the shower and from this point on changed our whole day.  Isabel slipped on the tub and knocked her mouth on the side.  She cried and we looked at her teeth chipped and 2 of them were intruded, but luckily they were followed sideways vs pushing onto her permanent teeth.  The ped dentist told us to give them a chance to come down again.  If so, then we’re lucky.  If not, then Isabel will look to have her two teeth pulled.

This morning involved calling around to find a dentist that takes Blue Cross.  We realized that we could have just gone to any dentist and have them classify the visit as an emergency, then instead of dental coverage, where only a certain amount of payment is covered, the visit is covered by your medical, 100%!

Amazing how happy Isabel recovered from it.  A little tired from all the crying, but happy and smiling.

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