T-minus 4 days until Hawaii.

This trip has been in front of me for a long while now.  It all started back last year, talking with my wife Tammy, and dreaming about what an awesome trip would mean to each other.  We first thought Europe, perhaps Germany.  But the time difference proved to challenging for us with our 2 year old.  We then figured maybe Puerto Rico, get a condo in Old San Juan.  I could hear the waves crashing echoing in my ear.  But we already visited Puerto Rico, and I myself have already been there several times, so not really exciting when you compare it to an idea of relaxing in Hawaii.

That’s it, Hawaii turned out to be our finally destination… we costed out flights to all three places and it turned out that Hawaii was the cheapest for when we wanted to go, August.  Dreams do come true.

How long would we away?  Could I work for a week to extend my trip out so Tammy doesn’t have to be handicapped by my available vacation time?  How soon did we have to be back for Isabel to start Montessori school?  When would Tammy have to start her semester again?  All tuff questions, but definitely worth mulling over with Hawaii in our sights.

Everything has come together where we are staying in Hawaii from August 4th to Sept 1st.  A week in Waikiki and a puddle jumper flight to Hilo for 3 ½ weeks.

Time to finish packing.

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