I currently live in Austin, TX.  I moved out here from Seattle, WA back in 2008.  I have a 3 year old daughter named Isabel.  I live by BullCreek Park off of the Capital of Texas Highway (360).  I still work for Microsoft as a Senior Software Development Lead, but contrary to my title, I really am a infrastructure architect with lots of operational experience.

Some of the things I like to do are brewing beer, test my patience with ink drawing, learn to be a better photographer, stay up till 1am trying out a new recipe I came across in Cooks Illustrated (I use to be a chef/kitchen manager back in NY), and travel with my wife and daughter.

Professionally, I consider myself an experienced Senior Management Leader in System, Infrastructure, and Operations with a diverse range of experience in various technologies ranging from storage, security, operating systems, and networking protocols.  I’m experienced in process improvement and software development life cycles.  I have a special panache for capacity planning, infrastructure design, and architectural scalability.  When it comes to troubleshooting multiple layers of the OSI model I surround myself with data and hack through to the truth.

Some of my career goals are:

  • Immersion in building startups from innovative, relevant, and sound ideas.  Big corp but startup culture counts too.
  • Play key strategic roles in incubating ideas by providing my relevant experiences.
  • Explore new technologies to provide scalable, efficient, and highly available infrastructures.

Some of my specialties are; infrastructure data/process work flow design and capacity planning, system build management, security auditing, scalability requirements, operational excellence, storage, network, firewall, and intricate network design.

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