Texas fires right in our own backyard.

Steiner Ranch Fire in the distance, about 9 miles away.

Coming back to Austin from our trip to Hawaii, I was getting concerned by all the mentions of fires in the Central Texas area.  In particular the Steiner Ranch fire (where my brother use to live and is about 9 miles away)  There is also the the fire at Pedernales Bend, about 30 miles away.

Hearing all these places on the radio, I was wondering what spots did I maybe miss hearing on the air.  That made me do a little searching on the internet and looking for texas fire tracking sites.  Here are two sites that I thought were very useful.

Texas Forest Service – They have alot of maps and links.  The coolest info is the Google Earth view that allows you zoom on and since GE can get live refreshes of data without leaving the map, it was even cooler.

Perdenales Fire in the distance, about 30 miles away.

WunderMap Interactive Radar – The fire view shows the spots, with less graphics and shows the smoke plume/drift.  Very nice for folks who are sensitive to air quality.  This is updated as well.

I’m hanging out at Texenza Coffee on 360 and took these photos from my windows phone.

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