Poolside, what would life be as a pool attendant.

Waking up this morning was a challenge. I was hearing the waves crash and it just made me want to sleep more. So hypnotic. But that was soon dashed with Isabel playing taps, literally, on my back, coupled with her cute sinister giggle.

We managed to make it out to the Leahi lounge on the 30th floor, reserved for Platinum members and Leahi club purchasers. Free continental breakfast and a much needed espresso machine. The iCup on steroids… Latte, espresso, cappuccino, you name it….

Down to the salt water lagoon, filled with lots of kids and a spiraling slide. Isabel warmed up pretty quickly. She was asking to go into the pool everytime we took her out to rest. Not quite swimming yet, but she likes hanging on Daddy’s back and bubbling around.

We are now sitting down for some food before Isabels nap. Then off to the beach with Isabel, her first!

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