Got those phantom Windows Phone update blues?

Nothing can be more exciting than seeing that message pop-up on your HTC HD7 phone saying you have an update available.  With everyone waiting for Mango to be released, it’s no wonder I hear from my friends, “I got an update, but it didn’t do anything.”  Well, I got the same update notice, and I too was let down.

But not all is lost… I did happen to capture all the other revision, bootloader, and version info before my update.  It turns out that they did an update on the Radio software version and the Bootloader.  I did hear a story about the wireless radio software needing a serious tweak (e.g. every lose your wireless connection, does your internet and 3G seem to compete when using Netflix?)  Maybe this is it?

Anyways, since I am sitting the beach, sipping Liquid Fuel (reminds me of my friend Jazzy Jeff’s site made up of
cruzan raspberry rum, guava puree, cranberry juice, fresh limes, red bull energy drink, I decided to keep track of my versions and list them here:

  Before After
OS Version 7.0.7392.0 SAME
Firmware revision number 2250.09.12001.531 SAME
Hardware revision number 0002 SAME
Radio software version
Radio hardware version A.12.0.D4 SAME
Bootloader version 1.20.2250.0(111584) 3.1.2250.0(119314)
Chip SOC version SAME

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